Should You Avoid Buying A Used Mattress?

KerryVaquero 26 Nov , 2022 0 Comments Uncategorized

In light of the current economic climate, some may be considering whether or not to use a used mattress they bought from a friend, family, or even a stranger online. The thought of doing so may be appealing, but I shall outline several potential drawbacks. There are health risks, legal complications, and invalidated warranties to consider when deciding whether or not to buy a used mattress. Indeed, purchasing a brand-new mattress might well be expensive. Alternatively, consider purchasing a cheap mattress and check the mattress review to ensure that you get a good night’s rest without worrying about its history or what could be hidden in it. Herein I expose the truth about used mattresses and present a more affordable, equally hygienic alternative.

Horrors Beyond Dust And Bed Bugs

When you purchase a used bed, you also take home all the dust and other particles that have collected inside it. Dead skin, cat dander, and mildew may all find a happy home in a mattress that has seen better days. If you’re going to buy a used mattress online, especially from a site like Craigslist as opposed to Facebook Marketplace, keep in mind that it may have mosquito larvae. Aphids are a type of insect that feeds on human blood and is known to infest mattresses and other upholstered items. Bedbug bites are painful because they draw blood.

Current Sagging And Bumpy

Mattresses, being used nightly, naturally undergo normal deterioration. Mattresses lose their initial level of support due to natural body impressions, sagging, and wear and tear. Whether your mattress shows visible bumps or sags, it may be causing you pain and preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. Regardless of whether the bed you’re looking to purchase has no visible bumps, its useful life will be cut short because of its age. An innerspring and otherwise composite mattress may last up to 10 years, but a foam mattress would likely only last between two and five.

The Warranty Is Void And Voidable

It’s not uncommon to find a mattress with a warranty that covers you for ten years or more. You may rest assured knowing that the management’s manufacturer’s warranty will cover any damages caused by a manufacturer’s defect. Unfortunately, warranties are non transferable. Regardless of whether your sister gives you their old mattress, you will not be protected by the guarantee she originally purchased it under. In the event of a problem, you will have to foot the bill yourself.

Potential For Illegal Sale

Since buying a used mattress is such a bad idea, several jurisdictions have banned its sale altogether. In many cases, even if they desire to, doing so is subject to several restrictions. Parts of mattresses are sometimes sold separately.Before reselling a mattress, the first owner must ensure that it has been properly disinfected in a number of key areas. In some areas, retailers selling recently purchased mattresses must also disclose to customers that the items have been washed in water and may have been used before.

No Test Without Risk

In other words, if consumers decide they would prefer something different than the mattress within a specific time frame after purchasing it, they may return it free of charge. If you buy a secondhand mattress but don’t like the manner it seems, you can only produce some things and get your money back.

Written By KerryVaquero