When To Look For Fiberglass In A Mattress

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There are a few easy methods to tell whether a mattress includes fiberglass in case the thought of sleeping on anything other than a mattress made of fiberglass gives you the willies. You’ve seen the pink cotton candy-like substance embedded in the home’s walls. It’s possible you didn’t know your memory foam mattress components may be reused in other items’ manufacture. The usefulness and safety of fiberglass in mattress making have been the subject of numerous recent discussions. You’re lucky since we can address your concerns about fiberglass in mattresses.


Fortunately, it won’t drive up the cost of either bed. Any queen mattress that costs less than $600 should be avoided because of the high likelihood that it may include fiberglass and other dangerous elements. It’s common to practice equating “cost reduction” with “decreasing quality.”

Please Inquire Further By Contacting The Company

It is crucial to be aware of the chemicals used as fire retardants, particularly mattresses. This information should be easily accessible while searching for mattresses available on the internet. You may contact them via email or telephone if you have a question and can’t find the answer on the Company’s website. Trust your instincts and keep looking for another provider if the customer support person cannot offer a satisfactory answer.

Remember To Always Read The Label Before Purchasing (And For Greenwashing Terms)

Only buy a mattress after checking the label to see the materials used. Greenwashing and assertions that fiberglass was used are red flags. Greenwashing occurs when a firm utilizes deceptive marketing to make a product seem more eco-friendly than it is. Given the general public’s distrust of the material, several businesses have moved to deceptively labeling their products as “glass fibers” or “glass wool,” while in reality, they are referring to the same thing: fiberglass.


Because of the country’s production standards, mattresses with “manufactured in China” labeling are more likely to include fiberglass. When it comes to industrial production, various nations may utilize varying standards. Not all mattresses manufactured in China are created using fiberglass. However, it is more common in mattresses manufactured in other countries than in ones with a “made in the USA” designation.

Buy Organic

If you’d instead not think about or worry about fiberglass, your best bet is a mattress built from natural materials. The absence of fiberglass from this method of buying should give you peace of mind. The intrinsic fire resistance of cotton and wool is used in several of these products. Check out our Best Sustainable Mattresses Guide (2022) to learn more about organic bedding.

A Few Concluding Remarks

There is a lot of debate regarding fiberglass, so getting as much information as possible about it is essential. Since you’ll spend so much time on it, the mattress should be comfortable. Therefore, before buying them, you should get as much information as possible. It’s recommended that you get some rest.

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