Who Would Benefit Most From Having A Mattress Sized As A California King?

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Mattresses with a California king size may comfortably accommodate two people at once. People who are taller or sleep with pets tend to favour them more than others.

Taller individuals:

Because they are 4 inches longer than standard king mattresses, California king mattresses are an obvious option for anyone who wants additional space to stretch their legs while sleeping.

Couples that want the additional duration :

Having extra length at the end of the bed might be useful when sleeping with a spouse. This is especially true if you and your partner argue over whether or not to tuck the blanket in at the feet.

Those Who Have Bedrooms That Are Narrow And Rectangular:

Not only are California king mattresses significantly longer than king-size mattresses, but they are also somewhat thinner than king-size mattresses. Because of this, they are an excellent choice for longer and narrower bedrooms, particularly those with less space on each side of the bed. People that sleep with their pets at the same end of the bed as they do: The width of a California king mattress is smaller than that of a traditional king mattress that comes in a box; however, this gives your pet more room to curl up at your feet while you’re sleeping.

The Pros and Cons of a California King Mattress


  • Extra space for folks with longer legs or who share their bed with their pets.
  • A suitable alternative for those who feel that queen beds are too cramped while king beds are too broad.
  • It is frequently available in configurations that allow individual sleepers to choose their sides of the bed.


  • Possible can feel claustrophobic for couples who want to stretch out in a horizontal position.
  • Less suited for those who have bedrooms that are square and tiny.
  • Although it is pretty popular, every firm does not sell this size.

Things That Should Be Known Before Making A Purchase

Bedding and Bed Frame Sizes

A new mattress is a major expense, especially if you must acquire matching linens and a new bed frame simultaneously as you purchase. The length of a California mattress in a box kingmakes it impossible to fit it in a bed frame designed for a regular king-size bed; as a result, you may discover that you need longer sheets. Check the pricing of the accessories you’ll need to purchase in addition to your mattress before you buy it.

Doorways as well as Room Measurements

When shopping for bigger mattress sizes like a California king, paying attention to the measurements is crucial. In addition to determining the amount of floor space required for your new bed, don’t forget to take measurements of any hallways, doors, stairs, or elevators in your apartment building if you are moving there. Because mattresses that are compressed for shipment can be carried more simply and will fit into narrower areas before they are unboxed, it is important to wait to unpack the mattress until it has arrived at its ultimate location. Consider purchasing a split California king mattress and bed frame if you anticipate having to move the mattress through confined areas.

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